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From our camp, we're consolidating our efforts, streamlining our process and trimming the fat. Some of the articles and interviews featured here will be re-posted, some will be here in archived form. See you in the fray.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

11.13.06>The Heat of a Texas Fall

I quit my job to pursue music and art full time. I'm freaked out, but I'm more excited. Here's how the first week went.

Sunday, 11/05: Full-blown studio action. The Zygote sessions we're in full-swing at Pleasantry Lane, and we managed to get the begining of a great track togther (tenative title, "Magicial Dracula Powers"). Seriously. I got so hyped about the work that Aaron and I did, that I posted it on our Myspace music page. Fucking weird.

Monday, 11/06: I got Kevin some mix CD's to give away at Good Records, then met up with a friend, and proceeded to go to WAY to many bars.....

Tuesday, 11/07: It was a lounge around recovering from Monday day (and I went to Mia's for the first time since coming back to Dallas. Their Brisket tacos OWN!!!), until the evening. Then it was out with friends to the movies and a night cap.

Wednesday, 11/08: I began to preping everything for my upcoming tour in January. Met up with Mwanza, Gerard (aka Convextion) and Charlie P. from the Tah-Dahs at the Libertine for drinks the over to Bishop Manor studios for some late night chaos. I've known Charlie for 10 years now, and it's great to see him doing well....but I digress.

Thursday, 11/09: Aaron and I went to Meridian Room and ran into Chris McCall and Suitcase. Saw DJ Mr. Rid do his thing and closed the night at Lee Harveys, where I met another new friend, who I believe I was buying drinks for and everyone called "Texas Red." Good times.

Friday, 11/10: The Central booking crew was on full-blast with "The Party at Zubar. Our camp at the Bell House decided to have a pre-party . Lori, Chris, Mary, Prince William and a group of fam showed up and we posseed up and went to Zu. The guys were stellar as usual, and Kevin even brought fuckin' airhorns. True story.

Saturday, 11/11: Unit One blew up Wax with Dub Assembly 4. Serious business. The kids were on point, Mundo, Lifted, Keith P, Tiny and the whole crew just locked it down tight. After getting home at around 1:44am, there was a knock on the door, and a birthday party irrupted in my house until around 5. Don't ask, just wait for the pictures....

Sunday, 11/12: A day of reflection. The momentium I have right now is crazy. I'm opening for Flock of Seagulls next Friday, I have the DAT Politics/Kevin Blechdom show on December 9th and I'm on tour for January/Feburary. I'm also about to put-out a picture disc with Scream Club and some other NW bands (came out of the blue, but sounded like fun), I'm going to do a remix for Smile, Smile, Pikahsso and still find time to freelance. It's fucking great!!!

By the way, The Fineline is all jacked-up right now, so stay tuned for another installment of The Chronicles of Low Frequency just as soon as the internet gremlins have gotten exterminated!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

08.17.06>The Texas Asphalt Society

We're in the triple digit nasty weather here in the lone star state, and the sweatbox asethtic is fully-tilted. On the DJ front, Panoptikon is on hiatus until Saturday September 23rd, at which point I'll resume my residency and will be back in the V.I.P. dropping more freakbeat electo and dark wave booty jams. And look out for the Hospital Fetish Party, that's going to be a whole new level of nuts!

On the production front, Zygote (Aaron Mobley & yours truly, Stephen Ruiz) have been slaving away at Salim Nourallah's Pleasantry Lane Studio working on the new full-length record, "Radio Anthems for the Newly Disenfrnchized" which is slated for late fall, early winter release 2006.

On the DJ/Remix/Production front, I have been bearing the fruits of insomnia, jamming the remix competition circuit dropping remixes for the Mochipet and Spank Rock battles, the later of which was given a nice boost by local taste maker, Gorilla Vs. Bear. To quote, "...when a local DJ makes a remix as ill as this one, I'm all ears." Hot damn. Also, I heard a rumor that I might be turning up as a guest on the G vs. B affiliated Blog Radio on Sirius Satellite. Stay tuned..... Also, I'm taking a swing a remixing local Hip-Hop legend, Pikahsso. I'll be in the lab for a minute on this one, trust me!

Check out the mixes here:

BTW, I'm in the process of putting up a DJ Stephen R. Myspace music page, so you can get more off the goodness soon.

Want the live mix action? Well, come out and see me!

Aug 25 2006 6:00P-9:00P
Yaris Party - DJ'ing at Ave Arts @ Ave Arts - Live Comic Book Art, Free Food from Meridian Room, Mad Beats and a Toyota

Aug 26 2006 2:00P-5:00pm
DJ'ing at M.A.C. (nothpark mall....4 real) - Come get your face done and feel the glamor all over!


Chart attack


1. DAT Politics - Wow Twist
(DAT P. are playing a Audio Logic show in Dallas in December...FYI bitch)

2. DJ Nature - The African Game (mix CD)

3. CSS - Cansei de ser sexy

4. Girl Talk - Night Ripper

5. Erase Errata - Nightlife

6. Tree Wave - The Cabana EP (still)

7. V/A - Hollertronix 1.5: Money Studies 12"

8. DJ Danger Mouse - Bright Eyes/Super Furry Animals (remix) 7"

9. Bexarametric - Pressure LP (Metric Style records RAISE UP!)

10.DJ Stephen R. - Spank Rock Vs. Stephen R. - Demo


A few other things of note, I'll be posting my interview with Jeff Parker of Tortoise within the next 24 hours on Fine Line Live, offically consumating my relationship with the group! Also, I'm helping in the launch the web site of Metric Styles Records. Take's the phrase "Don't Sleep" to a whole other level!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

06.18.06>Mods, Flashlights and a moving on to the next big thing....

Weekend Redux

This weekend saw some great things happening in Dallas. I caught Echo and the Bunneyman, at least a few songs in their set, at the Gypsy on Friday. They were in great form. It was amazing to see how well they've held up over time. After the show, I headed out to DJ a set at the Melissa's Deluxe after-party cum Birthday Party for McQueen. Rad times were had by all.....

Saturday night was CRAZY! The Lollipop Shoppe kids threw one hell of a party at the Doublewide in Dallas. As part of the "Mod and Soul Weekender" German DJ Frank Papp threw down some amazing rare soul and go-go, and The Dirty Novels threw down just an amazing set of Garage rock that sounded like it could have come straight out of Detroit. A wonderful party by a wonderful group of people. Mad props to Patricia and Gabe. You guys know how to make the kids shake their asses!

Speaking of ass-shaking, I just got a line on the new (debut?) mix CD from the Flashlight Party boys called "Oh Shit it's The Flashlight Party" volume 1. Serious a funky and eclectic mix of amazing stuff. Be sure and show them some love on Weds. night at Elm Street Bar, because these kids know their shit. For all you Trainspotters out there, peep out the track listing:

1. Intro to Bloc Party- Helicopters (diplo remix)
2. The Faint- Dust
3. LCD Soundsystem- Tribulations
4. New Order- Blue Monday
5. M83 vs. Aphex Twin vs. Kia- Run to Pussylicker
6. Global Communications- The Groove X's four
7. Phoenix- If I ever Feel Better
8. Wonderland Avenue- White Horse (Mike Monday remix)
9. Luomo- Tessio
10. The Juan Maclean- Give Me Every Little Thing ( Muzik Xpress Vocal mix)
11. VHS or Beta- Night on Fire ( Carlos D remix)
12. Kano- I'm Ready
13. Death From Above 1979- Sexy Results
14. Micheal Jackson- P.Y.T. 12' remix
15. !!!- Hello? Is This Thing on?
16. Rod Stewart- Do You Think I'm Sexy
17. DAft Punk- Technologic
18. Mylo vs. Miami Sound Machine- Doctor Pressure
19.Telefon Tel Aviv- My Week Beats Your Year
20. Depheche Mode- Policy Of Truth (Beat Box mix)
21. RJD2- 1976

And now some news from us here at the Audio-Logic camp. The Audio-Logic Blog is being wrapped into blog. Now, for those of you who do not know, Fine Line was started by on Ms. Cindy who founded the award-winning I've been looking for a new and "offical" home for Audio-Logic, and it looks like we've found it. I'm REALLY excited about the direction of A.L. under the Fine Line umbrella. Expect more Podcasts, Video-Casting and fresher content. (Did I mention and actual editorial direction?). All the deatils will be sorted out soon, and this blog will be an extention of my personal musical output, Zygote and my DJ Activity.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading kids! See you at the party.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

06.07.06>Dance-punk Jihad, slow moving reptiles, chasing paper images and east coast herbabvores...

Shit Robot (of DFA records) and MSTRKRFT (Jesse Keeler of Death from above 1979 and producer AI-P) are playing a show in Ontario, Canada this Saturday, and I'm VERY interested to know how this came about. Now, if your not familiar with the rivalry in these 2 camps, Death From Above 1979 had some choice words for DFA records when they asked them to change their name. They added 4 numbers to their name (the minimum legally) and posted this on their web site:

"FUCK DFA RECORDS FUCK JAMES MURPHY WE DECLARE JIHAD ON THEM HOLY WAR ENDING IN THIER DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT... james murphy is a selfish piece of fuck that will burn in the flames of a specially dedicated rock and roll jihad. if i had the resources i would fly a plane into his skull."

We can only hope that these two brilliant camps have sorted out their differences and can go and rock together.

Jeff Parker Interview

I've got an upcoming interview with the wonderfully talented Jeff Parker of Tortoise, Isotope 217, Chicago Underground, New Horizons Ensemble and WAY too many to list here. His musical accomplishments are vast and his music legendary. I'm very exited to pick his brain and share the results with you!


Chris Yomans, Cello player for the pAper chAse and consummate Dallas music scene staple, has been busy behind the camera creating videos for Centro-Matic, Slowride the Deathray Davies as well as his own band. Check it out:


This Blog has been around for a few years and always has great stuff about the NYC scene and new music in general.


Friday, June 02, 2006

06.02.06>The week in sound

Okay, first off Dalllas resident and reclusive techno star, Convextion paid a surprise visit to the Dallas Laptop Deathmatch last Sunday as a contestant....SHIT! I think it might have been his only live performance ever, but I can't say for sure. I'll I know is that his "set" (he played 2 sets, 3 minutes a piece as a part of the contest) was great.

Top 10 List of good stuff....

1. New Event: lithesome marauding, comiung in early August

2. Podcat:

3. I'm going to the Pitchfork Music Fest in Chicago

4. Exercise Tiger....experience the awesomeness (did I mention she's playing at the first "lithesome marauding?"


6. Beats in Space (a rad dance music podcast!


8. The Wire, MP3 Catalog

9. Trax Records

10. Plastikman


Friday June 2nd, 2006

  • The Happy Bullets and Krisite Kruger at the Cavern, Dallas

  • Damage Case, Drastic Actions, OCD and Bloodline at the Red Blood Club, Dallas

  • Current Leaves, The Backsliders, The Goodness Snakes at Rubber Gloves, Denton

  • The Tah-Dahs, Jack with One Eye & Tame...Tame and Quiet at Metrognome Collective, Fort Worth

    Saturday June 3rd, 2006

  • Lost Generation series Vol. 1 The Great Tyrant, Mazinga II (last show ever), Pegasus Now, You are The Universe and Laptop deathsquad w/ Joe "the Butcher", Kidko, Plutonium Jukebox, Frogboy and the Deathtop,The Wild Bull at Haileys, Denton.

  • Watch the Mavs beat on Phoenix (Tivo that shit though....go out, get blasted, come home and watch that)
  • Saturday, May 27, 2006


    Well, here you go....

    :::An Electro Punk Goth Indie Rock and Roll Hip-Hop New-Wave Mod
    Dance Party:::

    :::Sunday > June 25th > 9pm-4am > 18+ > $7 > Club One (3025 Main
    St. Dallas):::


    + Crunc Tesla - NYC (aka DJ Raedawn, Tigerbeat6 Records)
    + Laptop Deathsquad - Dallas


    + DJ Nature (The Party - Denton)
    + Wild Bull (Wanz D. - You know this guy!)
    + Stephen R. (of Zygote)


    + Lord Byron (Panoptikon)
    + Mr. Rid (Local Legend)
    + Melissa Meaow (Melissas Deluxe / Local Star / Lollipop Shoppe)
    + DJG (The Cavern / Haileys)

    **If anyone wants to help promote, e-mail me ASAP. If this show
    goes well, we will be doing a motnhly Saturday night at Club One
    and that would ROCK for everyone in this scene.....thanks, Stephen